2017 Piane Boca

2017 Piane Boca


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“Consists of Nebbiolo (85%) and Vespolina grapes. This wine requires full maturity and is treated in the barrel for 3 to 4 years, and can then be stored for decades. The mineral composition of the porphyritic soil together with the characteristic structures of the Nebbiolo grapes allow “Boca” to become a full, expressive wine. Its flavour reminds one of well matured forest fruit, violets, tobacco and dried herbs with hints of balsam and citrus fruit. Power and a silky elegance will develop in the mouth, fascinating and playful, with a slightly noble and bitter final note. The vast complexity allows one to discover new facets over and over again. Our Boca can refine in bottles for up to 10-20 years” -Christoph

“The 2017 Boca is delicate and understated, almost surprisingly so given the dry, warm year. Crushed rose petal, white pepper, cedar and sweet pipe tobacco lend aromatic brilliance to this weightless, wonderfully expressive wine. The Le Piane Boca has a track record of aging exquisitely. I bet that will be the case here as well. I recently opened the 2006, as I wanted to drink a slightly mature wine from the estate. Well, I was way off, as the 2006 is still very, very young!” 95 Antonio Galloni