Mata I Coloma Cupada #16 Brut Nature

Mata I Coloma Cupada #16 Brut Nature


100% 2013 vintage, 50% Macabeu, 30% Xarello, 20% Parellada – The quantitative heart of his production are the white Cupada wines. Pere says that he usually makes two different Cupadas from each year, one that is deeper/more mineral for winter time consumption, and one that is lighter/floral/fruity and easy peasy for summer time consumption. I preferred the winter time cupadas, and have chosen the two most recent vintages. He is on the very last bit (15cs or so) of the 2013 base year winter cupada, and I really enjoyed this wines sense of layering and complexity. Pere mentioned that he has reserve wines to express the longer aged style that he is shooting for, not so much his goal with the Cupada wines. I still thought that this one was delightful, and thus am including it here. Amber gave it a little “heart” in her notes too.

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