2022 Steinmetz Piesporter Treppchen Riesling Am Fels Magnum

2022 Steinmetz Piesporter Treppchen Riesling Am Fels Magnum



Another first time bottling from a part of the Treppchen that is lower lying than the historically produced terraces above it; Stefan tells me it has deeper/richer soils, that are much darker and rich in organic material. My tasting note: “Ever growing/creeping slate minerality, with a slightly smoky quality. It is super super intense in its spherically expansive mineral profile, all delivered with a sense of finesse that is absolute class.” 1000L made. This is pretty freakin’ amazing. A little * awarded here. Get what you can justify….

This one is an absolute knockout in 2022, with a cool sense of chiseled blue slate intensity that is an obvious and wowow head turner. Get what you can justify of this, and thank me later……mags to boot, as this stuff is magically delicious.

“Here is a graceful giant that is still slumbering, but it doesn’t need long to awaken. The more you swirl the glass a stunning smoky complexity emerges. On the palate at first this is a bit closed, but then the enormous minerality washes over you in a huge wave. The brilliance at the finish must be experienced to be believed. From vines planted at the end of the 1960s. Very limited production. Drinkable now, but best from 2024.” 99 Stuart Piggott