2022 Steinmetz Neumagener Rosengartchen Riesling Von den Terrassen Magnum

2022 Steinmetz Neumagener Rosengartchen Riesling Von den Terrassen Magnum



From his original core parcel from the upper terraces around the cave and just below it, this has a similar personality to the Am Fels, but with the intensity and amplitude dialed up a notch. “Incredibly, incredibly intense sense of minerality, will blow your mind. Slate rock dust, pulverized.” He makes just 1000L of this, and I’ve purchased a lot of it, on the spot. This is an amazing amazing amazing wine, something that I would put in some kind of time capsule/museum to show/remind the world just how dynamic and amazing wine can be……get what you can justify here, and thank me later. A few! big ol’ *** awarded here. Points schmoints, this always gets a lot of points. Like 100. Watch it do that again…..

Whaddya know? My pet favorite got 100 points schmoints. I bought literally 1/3 of what he produced in 2021, as I was so sure of just how special that wine is. That is why I am being given so much of this year’s. I would recommend that those of you who didn’t get what want of the 2021 to load up there too, as this stuff is just bonkers bonkers good…..I had mags reserved months before this was ever bottled…..I will allocate this as is needed based on demand, and support for the rest of the range…..

“The greatest wines in the world are sometimes imposing and dramatic, but sometimes they are like this filigree beauty that has staggering concentration, but no less amazing refinement. What a breathtakingly perfect balance right through the titanically slatey finish, extending out to infinity. With a little aeration in glass the nose of spring blossoms, dried flowers and stone fruits expand enormously, leaving you blissfully overwhelmed. Limited production. Drink or hold.” 100 Stuart Piggott