2021 Steinmetz Dhroner Hofberg Riesling Reserve

2021 Steinmetz Dhroner Hofberg Riesling Reserve



In 2021, the yields were so ridiculously low in his Hofberg parcel (15hl/ha….!) that it takes on the quality of being like an essence of an essence, incredibly concentrated in flavor. He actually showed me this wine second to last, just before the Hengelberg reserve. My note: “Quite rich, with a good amount of flesh, then given a terrific sense of poise/shape/lift by its framing acidity/dry extract. Its sense of length and gently expansive minerality sustain for a really really long time. With aeration, its sense of depth and mineral concentration only continue to expand, as this puppy is just getting going. This is like an essence of an essence, it is so concentrated…..” This is a simply incredibly dense, compact wine with so much layering, it is amazing. It is the richest in the range at 13% alcohol, along with the Hengelberg Reserve. I’m amazed that he can keep his prices so low with yields like this….get some of this, you will see what I mean about an essence of an essence, something that Stefan said as well….a little * awarded here.

“Here is all the sensuality of a perfectly ripe peach. Great concentration, plus an elegance, silkiness and purity that were anything but normal in this vintage. Lie back and enjoy! What finesse! Matured in a single new Stockinger cask so very limited production. Drink or hold.” 97 Stuart Piggott

“The 2021er Dhron Hofberger Riesling “Réserve” is a dry wine (with 9 g/l of residual sugar). It possesses a beautiful nose of grapefruit puree, minty herbs, fine spices, whipped cream, and slate. The wine is superbly balanced on the palate, where a creamy side is lifted by a refreshing kick of acidity and some fine herbs. The aftertaste is all about a subtly tart cocktail of mint, ginger, and chalk. This gorgeous dry Riesling has even some upside as it develops depth with age. 2026-2041” 93+ Mosel Fine Wines