2021 Mosbacher Forster Ungeheuer Spatlese

2021 Mosbacher Forster Ungeheuer Spatlese


A parcellary selection of some 80% botrytized grapes, this stuff is plain magical nectar in its spicy interplay of all things fruity, floral, and intensely mineral. At 9% alcohol, 100 g/L residual sugar, and 11g/L of acidity, its dance is plain mesmerizing and pure class, no matter how you slice it. Very very little is made, and only when the vintage allows for it. This is a plain outrageous value as well, as something of this nature found in the Mosel, for example, would certainly fetch far higher prices. A little star * awarded here. Any lover of prädikat style riesling must check these out…!!

“Assembled from overripe and very lightly botrytized berries picked out along with the Grosses Gewächs harvest, this delivers luscious peach and muskmelon garlanded in honeysuckle on a silken, glycerol-rich palate, backed by judicious residual sugar. Stony underpinnings as well as mouthwatering salinity serve for contrast and help temper the wine’s sweetness. This imposing elixir demonstrates vividly how clarity, generous juiciness and lift are fully compatible with decadent overripeness.” 92 points David Schildknecht


The Mosbachers lament that they have a hard time selling prädikat wine, even when it is as outrageously good as this…..hailing uniquely from the Ungeheuer Grand cru, from fruit that was completely botrytis free, this has the layered complexity, soul soothing charm, and impossible poise of Spätlese at its very best. This is drop dead gorgeous Grand cru Spätlese, folks, its just that people don’t expect great Spätlese from the Mittelhaardt. Don’t miss it….a little * awarded here.


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