2020 Wagner Stempel Siefersheimer Heerkretz Grosses Gewachs

2020 Wagner Stempel Siefersheimer Heerkretz Grosses Gewachs



The Heerkretz is, to me, a really really special vineyard that is iconically what I associate with the winery, kind of like Tim Fröhlich’s Felseneck vinyeard. I will never forget the first time I walked it with Oliver some years ago, its craggy volcanic knolls, quite exposed to the western wind, overlooking the valley below. The image at the top of the offer is one that I took that day……Timelessly beautiful shit. 🙂 The wine is always quite filigree, whose sense of mineral grip/dry extract just saturates the palate in expansively creeper fashion; it is a turn up the quiet, power-meets-supreme-finesse kind of a wine, with teeth. 😉 This is a thrilling wine to me, in just about every vintage, and this one promises to be a doooozy. ‘Nuff said, I shpose.

“” “Here, you really have to ask yourself how a peach could be more perfect than this? And what makes this dry riesling so amazing is the glacial-water feel to its fresh side. With every swirl of the glass, more spice emerges from the abyss. Somehow, the body of the wine seems to give it almost no weight and it wafts over your palate like a piece of silk blown in the wind. From organically grown grapes. Drink or hold.” 100 Stuart Piggott for the 2019, NOT THE 2020 OFFERED HERE.

“White peach, apple and lime are accented by their pits and seeds as well as by raw hazelnut on a soaring nose that anticipates the infectious juiciness, glowing piquancy and bittersweet depth of the silken palate. As usual, there is sheer refreshment here, as well as transparency to mineral and herbal elements of which the corresponding Höllberg – impressive though it is in its overtly dense, more opaque way – can only dream. The finishing interaction of myriad fruit and mineral elements is almost kaleidoscopic and reveals a strikingly tactile dimension to its vibrant impingements of chalk, pepper and peach kernel.” 94 David Schildknecht for the 2016, NOT THE 2020 OFFERED HERE.