2020 Wagner Stempel Rotliegend Neu Bamberg Riesling trocken

2020 Wagner Stempel Rotliegend Neu Bamberg Riesling trocken



As Oliver Müller describes it, from the reddish high iron oxide, deeper loamy soils of Neu Bamberg, this is always the ripest and most charming of the three village level wines, which is why he always presents it first to consumers and critics alike when tasting through the range. He said that this wine typically charms the broadest swath of tasters with its balance of fruit charms and fresh but softer texture. In one word from Oliver: The Charmer. Technical stats: 7g/L acidity, 4.8 g/L RS, 13% alcohol.

“”How can you resist the force of nature? Mind-blowing nose that reminds me of dust swirling in the air just before a thunderstorm hits. Then comes a tidal wave of grapefruit and spice and mineral power that sweeps you off your feet. Dangerously refreshing! From organically grown grapes. Drink or hold. Screw cap.” 95 Stuart Piggott

“Yellow peach, zesty lemon and smoky black tea feature on a penetrating nose and sappy, silken palate. The piquancy and smokiness, combined with the crunch of mustard seed, lend invigoration to the impressively sustained finish without inhibiting refreshing primary juiciness, while a sweet-saline, iodine-tinged, strikingly toasted shrimp shell note provides maximum salivary stimulation. This didn’t get picked until October 29, at which point the must weighed 89 Oechsle, yet still harbored 9.5 grams of acidity. (For background on this water-resistant parcel of young vines where for 70 years there was scrub, consult my review of the corresponding 2015. Acquisition of neighboring old vines should significantly enhance the character of a 2017 as well as its volume, which may result in Wagner’s being able to raise it in cask instead of tank.)” 93 David Schildknecht for the 2016 vintage, NOT THE 2020 OFFERED HERE

“From four plots with vines averaging 30+ years of age, the 2018 Riesling Neu Bamberg Rotliegend is finer, brighter, flintier and super complex yet also super bright and elegant on the slightly smoky nose. Round and pure on the palate, this is a nervy, vital and elegant Riesling that still doesn’t have the depth and complexity it will have in the near future. The three of the four plots were purchased from Weingut Fries, who farmed conventional, and Daniel didn’t use the grapes for three years before he decided to integrate the fruit for his Rotliegend. Tasted at the domaine in March 2020.” 92 Stephan Reinhardt for the 2018, NOT THE 2020 OFFERED HERE