2019 Richter Brauneberg Juffer kabinett

2019 Richter Brauneberg Juffer kabinett


The “regular” Juffer is sourced from 30-40 year old vines found in several small parcels of richer soils. Picked at just a few oechsle higher (my notes say 83), this shows just how delicate of a balance harvest timing is. This has notably greater Juffer tutti-frutti concentration, with very good finesse and sustaning intensity. This will please any and all…..another little * awarded here.

“Regarding the (MFW) reviews I think they nailed it pretty. Of course there are some “minor disagrements”. I wouldn’t had put the Elisenberg before the Sonnenuhr or the Fuder 4. For me their all on the same level in terms of quality. The major different is just the terroir. So its more a personal preference I would say. Same goes for the normal Juffer Kabinett and the Himmelreich Kabinett. 2019 was just perfect for classical Kabinett. Giving us perfect ripeness, at moderate sugar levels and a great fresh acidity. So in the end you just have to take the vineyards “uniquenesses” into account. The normal Juffer more powerful and more fruit, Himmelreich powerful and mineral drive, Sonnenuhr minerality, elegance and lightness, Fuder 4 fruit, and airy and the Elisenberg somewhere in between with the cooler Ruwer/Saar Fruit but more drive and juiceness than Sonnenuhr or Fuder 4.” – Constantin Richter

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