2019 Mosbacher Forster Ungeheuer GG Riesling

2019 Mosbacher Forster Ungeheuer GG Riesling


In what has to be considered the house specialty, the Ungeheuer is the largest holding for the Mosbachers who possess 1.8 hectares in total from morcellated bits of contrasting soil content/character throughout the vineyard. With this large palette to choose from, they vinify all of the pieces separately, and then blend together the very best bits of the site to create an even more complex whole. And trust me folks, they succeed masterfully in doing so…..My note for the ’15 : “WOW. A fascinatingly complex nose is at once deep, powerful, and reticent, hinting at the evolutionary potential yet to come; this is clearly a wine of deep old vine substance. In the mouth, it is wonderfully long and mineral driven, with an undeniable sense of class in a glass.” 13.5% alc. My note for the 2013: “WOW. Even higher acidity than the 2015, this comes across as even more precise and filigree. Class in a glass!” 13% alc. Let me just say that you can and should get what you can justify and thank me later…..little * stars awarded for both the 2013 and 2015.

“Sage and marjoram, pit-tinged white peach and apricot mark the pungently penetrating nose. Hazelnut and hickory add to the piquancy of fruit pit on a satiney palate, while resinous herbal impingements add invigoration to a refreshingly juicy finish of glowing yet simultaneously cooling intensity. There is impressive refinement of texture as well as of flavors here and a wealth of subtle stony and forest floor suggestions to keep you occupied in contemplation. “With a hectare and a half of Ungeheuer,” explains Sabina Mosbacher, “we have greater potential for selectivity than with our other best sites.” 93 points David Schidknecht for the 2014, NOT THE 2015/2016 OFFERED HERE


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