2019 Mosbacher Forster Freundstuck GG Riesling

2019 Mosbacher Forster Freundstuck GG Riesling


Translating literally as “Friend’s piece”, the Freundstück is both the smallest and most delicate of the Forster Grand crus, located directly behind the Mosbacher winery. The 2015 opens with a hugely inviting and complex aromatic display, with a kiss of smokiness; on its aromatic charms alone, I could smell this for quite some time in between sighs. Then in the mouth, it is pure delicacy, dancing on the palate in featherlight fashion. This is tremendously classy, delicate, and playful. I am thrilled to be able to offer such a lovely reference point example. A little star * awarded here. 13% alc.

“From the smallest of Forst’s great sites, this already signals on the nose a multidimensional complexity on which you can happily meditate. Sage, bacon fat, turmeric, white pepper and mandarin and lemon rind make for an aromatic profile of nose-twitching intensity and memorable diversity. The polished palate introduces infectiously juicy orange and tangerine elements while herbal impingements and peppery bite serve for invigoration and mineral salts for saliva inducement in a vibrantly, refreshingly prolonged finish. If you imagine a Riesling into which some Gewürztraminer and Grüner Veltliner has been introduced, you may have a better idea of this one’s complex personality. It happens also to be one of the Mosbacher 2014s that went dry spontaneously.” 93 points David Schildknecht for the 2014, NOT THE 2015/2016 OFFERED HERE


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