2019 Jean Pierre Guyon Savigny les Beaune 1er Peuillets

2019 Jean Pierre Guyon Savigny les Beaune 1er Peuillets



Here we have another HOLY MOLY INCREDIBLE wine…….The 1er cru Peuillets is on the nicely sloped southern side of the village, facing E/NE, and is very much indeed another step up in head turning intensity of dry extract/matière/savory substance (also from 50+ year old vines). This is soaringly aromatic, in a way that is swoonworthy. In the mouth, it is simply as good as it gets, harmonizing all things soil signature, minerality, purity of light black fruit, and silken refined texture in a fashion that is positively transcendent, as good as it gets from anywhere!! This is reference point good stuff that once you taste for yourself, you will see……….a little * awarded here. Again, good to see that Jasper shares my enthusiasm, giving it his highest recommendation “Five Star Wine”, as well as dropping the Leroy! reference…. Get what you can justify and thank me later (i’ve already reserved 10cs, something that I only do when the freakout holy moly alarm bells ring)……

“Will be bottled later than the other wines, as it is not ready. Darker colour, crimson purple, with a more backward nose, this is indeed not ready yet. Sweetly ripe behind, lovely texture to this deep red velvet, with excellent length. Faint peachiness. Very lovely. Jean-Pierre Guyon’s Peuillets is always a winner. Tasted: November 2020” 91-94 Jasper Morris

“From 50 year old vines. This has been racked back to older barrel and is still without sulphur. Jet black with purple rim this is typically the deepest coloured wine in the cellar. An exceptionally intense but still wonderfully precise and stylish wine. This has a density rarely met outside Lalou Bize-Leroys wines. Yet still with the fine crisp finish. Tasted: November 2019” 91-93 Jasper Morris “Five Star Wine”