2019 Georges Glantenay Pommard 1er Rugiens Hauts

2019 Georges Glantenay Pommard 1er Rugiens Hauts



A theme on broken record repeat, this is once again a reference point worthy example from a .21 hectare parcel of 70+ year old vines……they only had a few magnums of this left, so I hesitated not in asking Sarah to set them aside for us……there are ’18s and ’19s in 750 below……Rugiens is, in my humble opinion, is the clearest candidate for the nomination for a Grand cru from Pommard, as its sense of weightless dynamism can be the stuff of inimitable power-without-weight Burgundy dreams…..

“(from a .22 ha holding). Background hints of herbal tea and the sauvage can be found on the liqueur-like aromas of various dark berries and newly turned earth. Once again, the middle weight flavors possess a gorgeous texture and plenty of minerality on the punchy, detailed and chiseled finish where a touch of youthful austerity emerges. This is a big but sleek Rugiens and that is clearly built-to-age. Strongly recommended if you have the patience. (91-94)/2031+” Allan Meadows ———-> “particularly outstanding for their respective appellations and especially merit your attention”

“Though from the upper part, Guillaume Glantenay notes that their Rugiens still has the iron rich red soil. Not especially deep in colour. A fine, but reserved bouquet. This is all about refinement more than power, though there is certainly adequate concentration. Note the detailed fresh red fruit behind.” 92-94 Jasper Morris Four Stars