2019 Garon Syrah les Grandes Parcelles

2019 Garon Syrah les Grandes Parcelles




This is their entry level wine from the flats along the Rhône, a wine intended to give pleasure whilst remaining clearly faithful to its origin, aged entirely in older wood barrels. You can think of this as the “baby Côte Rôtie” sector Côtes du Rhone animal. As one can’t call a wine this far north a Côte Rôtie, it falls into the Collines Rhodaniennes appellation. My impression of the 2017: From the first whiff of hyper pure blue/black fruits and florals, I was wide eyed and in a bit of disbelief. Then I tasted the wine, and it was positively silken and vibrant, with an intensity of sappy fruit that had impeccable poise, all things fruit, floral, spice, and a kiss of olive all in pure harmony, at once dense and weightless. This is absolutely tremendous tremendous to my taste, and anyone who loves N Rhone Syrah or red wine in general would be most hard pressed to get more for one’s money than this. Buy this. Again, buy this. A little * awarded here.

“dark red; has a well tuned bouquet, leads on blackberry, with licorice, is bright, has nice depth. The palate gives a savoury feel, stewed black fruits with a spot of freshness, a late floral nudge, a peppery aftertaste, blue fruit and raspberry there. There is a touch of oak in its late creaminess. This is genuine, with good feel, will please. 13°. 9,000 b. €14. 2024-25 Dec 2019” 3.5 stars John Livingstone Learmonth for the 2018, NOT THE 2019 OFFERED HERE.