2019 Elio Ottin Fumin

2019 Elio Ottin Fumin




Fumin is a unique indigenous red variety, known for its moderately dark fruited qualities, and even more marked spiciness relative to the Pinot Noir. It can also be a bit more rustic, due to its being overcropped, and thus not as phenolically ripe. In Elio’s hands, however, we have a particularly successful example, due to a unique house practice. Whilst it is always his last harvested in order to get the tannins fully ripe, starting in 2008, he experimented with doing a light apassimento, à la Amarone, or air drying of 50% of the grapes. He was so pleased with the resultant additional concentration and fleshiness that he has continued the practice to this day. He has not only had continued success with his Fumin, but others in the valley are also adopting the practice, recognizing the merit of his precedent….Elio thinks of this as a wine to have with Secondi (meat dishes), particuarly game meats. It is still quite elegant, with good tension, and is quite gourmand. He says that fans of mountain grown Syrah (more tonic than soft) should be fans of this one….Sounds pretty freakin’ cool to me……!! ;0

“Deep ruby. The delicately smoky and spicy nose offers blackberry, plum and herb aromas and flavors. Building flintiness, juicy acidity and ripe tannins accompany the long, seamless finish. Lovely Fumin of sneaky complexity and real density. Well done.” 93 Ian D’Agata for the 2017, NOT THE 2019 OFFERED HERE