2019 Cedric Parpette Cote Rotie le Plomb

2019 Cedric Parpette Cote Rotie le Plomb


The le Plomb is a wine whose intensity of material (read dry extract/mineral substance) is an obvious and undeniable step up, with Cédric both giving this wine a bit more remontage (pumping the juice from the bottom over the skins soaking on top) and pigeage (gently, manually stirring/pressing the berries) to bring this out. He also ages it for an additional year in barrel, for a total of two years, vs the Montmains for 1 year. He uses principally Chassin barrels for both, one of the classiest and most popular coopers in Burgundy at top addresses. My tasting note for 2016: Although its aromatics are a bit shier than the Montmains at this stage, in the mouth, this is a positively outrageously good BOMB of a wine in power-meets-finesse style, explosive in its sense of energy, minerality, and palate coating violet florals/light black fruits, spice, and olives, again at wonderfully moderate upper 12% alcohol. He will not bottle/release this wine until the Fall of 2018, but is graciously allowing me to reserve quantities now, the first person in the world to be able to do so. As such little is made, I wanted to be the early bird, because once the rest of the world catches on to the virtues of 2016, it will be too late….just add this to the long list of Rob-implores-you-to-listen-and-then-once-the-press-hits-I-am-EXACTLY-right examples that have, by now, likely earned your trust and respect. Get what you can justify, and thank me later!! SERIOUSLY. Cédric will tell you straight up, as good as his ’15s are, the ’16s are even better…..sigh…..people still won’t listen….
The Le Plomb is a definite step up in its implosive sense of mineral depth, yet somehow even more finessed and classy (and it is not only due to the extra “Finesse” Chassin barrels that ended up being used…). It has more of a ++ in its depth and overall complexity. To my taste, this is once again a reference point example of Côte Rôtie at its elegant, tonic, elemental best, at a price that simply is impossible to beat. Just five barrels were made in both ’18 and ’19 (125 cases), weighing in at 12.9% alcohol. To my taste, class and classic, in a gorgeously red fruited register. A little * awarded here. Get what you can justify and thank me later.

“(new 228-litre cask) dark red; cherry fruit, reduction in a vigorous nose that holds well, has bright raspberry fruit. The palate offers charming red fruits, develops tannins that extend it, the length good. The content is compact, well sealed. There’s a late gain in depth, and it sustains on the close. 2039-41 Dec 2019” Four stars John Livingstone Learmonth

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