2018 Furst Burgstadter Riesling trocken

2018 Furst Burgstadter Riesling trocken


The Ortswein (aka villages) level wine appropriately begins to step up the hierarchy ladder, with all elements dialed up a bit in their intensity. A bit more aromatic, with a bit more body, but then an even more powerful thunderclap of mineral punch and dry extract, all finishing with a pinpoint precise filigree sense of detail, with a long and harmonious finish. This was the wine that floored me last year, and I insisted on bringing it to the US for the fürst time (ha!). This year’s rendition is equally noble, albeit in a slightly more filigree/elegant style vs the raw power of the every so slightly higher acidity and even more bone dry 2015. Both are examples that any lover of great 1er cru Chablis/stony white Burgundy would flip over. For you technical geeks out there: 8.5 g/L acidity, and 5 g/L residual sugar (which is partly why its texture is a bit more generous than the 2015). Once again, a national Down to Earth exclusive. Get some! A little * awarded here.


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