2017 Pierre Benetiere Cote Rotie Cordeloux MAGNUM

2017 Pierre Benetiere Cote Rotie Cordeloux MAGNUM




Now when I say that I am a big believer in immediate intuitive perception in wine tasting, I mean it. Intuitive appreciation of beauty resonates naturally, as it should. To me, a great wine offers pleasure, complexity, nuance, depth, harmony, and typicity, among other noble traits, all of which are felt/sensed by even the most novice taster. As I like to say, the proof is in the pudding, and when you taste it, you just know. So when I opened the 2017 Cordeloux, from the first whiff, I smiled real real real big, losing myself in its soaring violet/spice aromatics. After I tasted my first few sips, I was plain giddy, as the wine was simply DELICIOUS, of silken texture, of blue fruits leaning to red fruits, with whole cluster spice, the same super intense violets as presented aromatically, and a sense of weightless ease that was at once haunting and deliriously fun to drink. My wife called me minutes into my tasting, and I told her that I will likely drink the entire bottle as it was just so damn good and so damn digeste that I thought that I would have trouble containing myself, which is very very rare for me. I immediately sent a message to Lucille and Marie that the ’17 Cordeloux is a profoundly delicious success, and that I would like all that they can offer me. When I know, I know, and this stuff is simply outrageously good Côte Rôtie, chock full of the house style signature that has won over so many fans, with a sense of harmony and stunning prettiness that may be my favorite vintage I have yet worked with (i’ve worked with the wines since the 2009 vintage)……With more time in the glass, more quintessential Côte Rôtie flavors emerged: more spice, a bit of olive, some cured meats. The stuff is just wonderfully complete and impossibly intense-meets-weightless, a self evident pleasurable delight of the senses…..

I think that this wine is incredibly beautiful and balanced, and will give tremendous pleasure young and old. I’m a big believer in overall balance/harmony being what offers longevity and evenness in ageing, of which this stuff could serve as a Platonic ideal. Fans of delicious wine, no matter how you name it or qualify it, will fall in love with this one…

Pierre is the Man.