2017 Dirler-Cadé Riesling Kessler Grand cru Heisse Wanne

2017 Dirler-Cadé Riesling Kessler Grand cru Heisse Wanne


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The Heisse Wanne (literally the Hot Tub), from a sweet spot within the Kessler Grand cru, is a powerhouse of a wine, with deep resonating mineral impact that is like a rumbling earthquake of palate shaking power. I think Ian’s score is very very conservative here, again making me question if I got to glimpse the wine in a better state just a month further down the road. My note: “Holy shitballz!! Crazy intense, powerfully imploded palate staining minerality, with a seamlessly resonating interplay of fruit, floral, and mineral depth. There is no doubt about it…..” As always, this is a reference point example of dry Alsatian Riesling at its very best…..a little * awarded here….
“Vibrant pale yellow-gold. Lemon grass, flint, and rose water on the nose and in the mouth. Very deep and long, displaying a penetrating quality and outstanding acid/fruit balance (4.5 g/L r.s. and 7.5 g/L total acidity). This will be a heavenly match with grilled scampi. The H.W. on the label stands for Heisse Wanne, which is one of the best if not the best section of the Kessler Grand Cru.” 92 Ian D’Agata


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