2016 Zilliken Saarburger Alte Reben trocken

2016 Zilliken Saarburger Alte Reben trocken


This is a pet favorite of mine, one that I insisted on bringing in after it blew me away in 2015, the first time it has ever been brought to America, a Down to Earth exclusive. It is essentially a pre-selection for the Grand cru dry wine from the estate’s oldest vines, between 60-130! years old; it is a baby GG in all but name. Its sense of filigree detail and depth of mineral substance is absolutely stunning in the weightless, dancing style of the year and the house. At 11.5% alcohol, its sense of refreshment, seamless complexity, and pure finesse is simply quintessential Saar/Zilliken special. Needless to say, this one gets a major geil thumbs up, a little star * awarded here. Get some and thank me later…..

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