2016 Stephane Tissot Cotes du Jura Chardonnay Sursis

2016 Stephane Tissot Cotes du Jura Chardonnay Sursis


My pet favorite (and priced so in Tissot’s own pricelist hierarchy of Chardonnays) of the “1er crus”, la Mailloche (the Mallet) comes from an indentation/impression in the earth as though a giant had whacked it with a hammer. It possesses all of the Jura Chardonnay food groups: fruit, spice, intense dry extract/minerality, florals in a crazy complete and harmonious package. The solar nature of 2015 combined with this wine’s intense minerality and layered complexity is why this is one to get all that you can justify, as usual….St├ęphane had a presentation in Paris a few days later and chose this as the wine to bring to “showcase” the new releases. It has a sense of class and cool precision that is self evidently blow away good. I say it all the time, but people don’t seem to hear me…..eventually, once you taste this bottling (from any vintage), you will….A little * awarded here.

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