2016 Rings Riesling Kallstadter Saumagen GG

2016 Rings Riesling Kallstadter Saumagen GG


One of the most historically revered sites in all of the Pfalz, the Saumagen is a flagship bottling of sorts for the Rings, taking its name from the vineyard’s shape that (arguably) resembles a pig’s stomach. The entire vineyard, for every single grower who owns land here, was replanted in 1984 due to the wacky Flurbereinigung practices/laws. Its soil type is limestone and marl, in goldilocks middle slope fashion, par excellence, some of which is terraced. For their Riesling wine, they blend four different spots within the vineyard, both younger and older vines facing south/southeast, the slight east exposure giving the wines a bit more coolness relative to the fully south facing, warmer patch made famous by K√∂hler-Ruprecht. In typical limestone fashion, it has a more linear sense of mineral attack than the Weilburg, with a more limestone aromatic display, both mineral and floral. Its weightless sense of paradoxically implosive/explosive mineral salts and stone fruits dances on the palate; this just oozes Grand cru class and complexity. Another little * awarded here. Man oh man, these guys are DIALED IN…..!! Get what you can justify, and thank me later………

From their website: “Marl lime mixed with countless small limestone rocks is typical for the famous Saumagen site. Out of the meagerness of the soil arises an extremely opulent wine, with a rich mineral quality and excellent ageing potential. Cool, mineral aroma of stone fruits and wild herbs. Profoundly forceful, complex taste, yet elegant with notes of fully ripe yellow fruits. Intense minerality and a pleasingly salty core.”


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