2016 Richter Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese

2016 Richter Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese


From very old vines, including the 120+ year old vines that last year went into the Uralte Reben trocken bottling. Once again, this could be a broken record for an archetype of the Wehlener Sonnenuhr, just gorgeous. “Wow…finessed, filigree, dancing Wehlener Sonnenuhr style, between its gorgeous yellow fruits and filigree minerality, classic class in a glass! ” A little * awarded here.

“This Spätlese was from fruit harvested at 94° Oechsle from very old vines. Still quite reductive in style and marked by residual notes of spontaneous fermentation, this wine develops a gorgeously elegant nose of pear, cinnamon, fine spices and herbs. It proves however on the rich and ripe side on the palate as it unfolds exotic flavors of mango and guava not unlike those found in an Auslese. The finish is all about ripe fruits, vibrant freshness and lightness. This is a beautiful even if slightly riper expression of Sonnenuhr Spätlese. 2026-2046” 92 MFW

“This was sourced from the ungrafted, centenarian vines that in 2015 informed the dry Riesling labeled “Uralte Würzelechte Reben.” Site-typical scents and flavors of apple and vanilla are accompanied by a hint of apricot familiar from this year’s Sonnenuhr Kabinett as well as from some other vintages of Richter wines from this Einzellage. The lush fruitiness is seductively complemented by a creamy, glycerol-rich texture and inner-mouth honeysuckle and heliotrope perfume. A superbly sustained finish unexpectedly and delightfully introduces fresh lime and grapefruit that animate and refresh.” 93 David Schildknecht

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