2016 Richter Veldenzer Elisenberg Spatlese

2016 Richter Veldenzer Elisenberg Spatlese


As mentioned before, the monopole Elisenberg is a site that should not be overlooked by any Mosel wine lover. This example is a classic….”Even more precise and focused, this could be the definition of filigree in spätlese wine. It has a sense of intense quartz driven minerality that is awesome, dancing with the gorgeously pure fruitiness. Class in a glass!!” A little * awarded here.

“This Spätlese, harvested at a low 87° Oechsle, offers a beautifully elegant nose of pear, vineyard peach, apricot blossom and whipped cream. The wine proves gorgeously racy and vibrant on the palate, which gives it focus and tension. The finish is mouth-watering, tart and loaded with ripe fruits and minerals. This is a beautiful Spätlese in the making. 2026-2046” 93 MFW

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