2016 Richter Mullheimer Helenenkloster Eiswein ** Fass 103 375ml

2016 Richter Mullheimer Helenenkloster Eiswein ** Fass 103 375ml


As good as the first Eiswein was, this one was otherworldly, truly the greatest young Eiswein I have ever tasted. Constantin and his friend Christian Hermann of Dr Hermann joked that this will be the next German wine that will be awarded 100 points….pretty darn close in MFW. There are only 15 cases of this elixir, with an ethereal, senses bending experience of 13g/L acidity and 200ish g/l RS. Chosen only from perfectly ripe fruit with zero botrytis. “Holy holy sh!t. In purity, this is a shimmering, luminous nectar of the gods. The interplay of its kaleidoscopic array of fruits and acidity is positively mesmerizing. Any soul lucky enough to experience this is lucky indeed.” A little * star awarded here. Get what you can justify…..incredible.

“This Eiswein was harvested at 160° Oechsle at -9°/-10°C (16°/14°F) on December 5 from the main pressing of only fully frozen and clean grapes. It starts with some stunningly fruity and fresh notes of cassis, pear, mirabelle, raspberry, honey, pineapple and cinnamon. A great feeling of focus, freshness and bright fruitiness emerges on the palate. This carries over right into the elegant yet razor sharp finish. Far from being over-powering,

this remains elegant and light, with just the right amount of sweetness to ensure longevity. This is a little masterpiece of an Eiswein in the making but one with a very high feel of acidity which makes us opt to enjoy this earlier than later. This Eiswein is a dream. 2021-2031+” 98 points MFW

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