2016 Mosbacher Forster Jesuitengarten GG Riesling

2016 Mosbacher Forster Jesuitengarten GG Riesling


Another first, I am thrilled to be able to offer a great example of the Jesuitengarten, a wine that Jürgen explains as being somewhere between the delicacy of the Freundstück and the implosive power/class of the Kirchenstück. As I am quite late to the 2015 party, with the vast majority of this wine selling out in advance from loyal customers (Jesuitengarten has a huge following among insiders/long time fans of Forst riesling), I can only offer 12 bottles in total of the 2015. The yet-to-be-bottled 2016 will have more availability, and I can only encourage you to seize the opportunity……


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