2015 Stephane Tissot Clos du Curon

2015 Stephane Tissot Clos du Curon


St├ęphane asked me what Grand cru white Burgundies I work with. I told him that I think of this wine as perhaps the best Grand cru white Burgundy that I work with, as I find its sense of implosive dry extract absolutely remarkable, as compelling of a Chardonnay wine grown on limestone as anything i’ve encountered. In my not so humble opinion, it clearly deserves a place on the world stage as one of the greatest white wines of the world. Just three barrels made in ’16 (75 cases) made, I get 2 of the 3 cases that are coming to America. Again, in the solar ’15, in spite of its power/richness, this wine is positively weightless and imploded with limestone driven minerality, its purity is absolutely crystalline. This is a long distance runner of a wine, all about its tightly coiled limestone driven power that could stand to be carafed for several hours prior to being served young. A little * awarded here.

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