2015 Rings Spätburgunder Kallstadter Saumagen GG

2015 Rings Spätburgunder Kallstadter Saumagen GG


With the Saumagen Spätburgunder wine, which has been awarded the prize for “greatest Pinot Noir in Germany” three times already, we climb another step towards the heavens….my note: “WOW. Just plain crazy class. A remarkable sappiness of deeper red fruit, intense limestone imprint, floating expansive spiciness and florals, finishing with a BOOM of limestone punch and looooong ever rising finish of fruit florals and spice. It has that magical, spherical sense of expansiveness that is a hallmark of Grand cru Pinot Noir. WOW…”. Obviously, another * awarded here. This stuff is off the charts, guys. Along with the greatest wines from the Fürsts, this is among the greatest Pinot Noir I have ever tried outside of Burgundy, and in a blind tasting would blow any Burg lover’s mind….get what you can justify, and thank me later…..

From their website: “From our top site, Kallstadter Saumagen. Only the best vineyards and grapes deserve to be bottled as a “Saumagen”. A stunning complexity arises in the nose. Aromas of dark red, ripe fruits remind one of a wine from Burgundy. Very crisp on the palate, with intense minerality and density. Compact and well balanced, with a lot of freshness. Great potential!”


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