2015 Rings Leistadter Felsenberg Spatburgunder GG

2015 Rings Leistadter Felsenberg Spatburgunder GG


The Felsenberg is a fascinating monopole site that had once been farmed centuries ago, but was then abandoned. Today, it is in fact a part of the nature preserve called the Berntal, with the Rings planting of French Pinot Noir clones 7 years ago being the only vineyard that will ever be planted here. It is a little pocket of a valley to the north of the Saumagen/Steinacker vinyeards, facing fully south; when standing up on the plateau of the Steinacker at its northern edge, you can see the valley below. Its soils are a unique blend of an intense amount of hard limestone rock, with the same rare Terra Rossa soils of the Weilberg found deep beneath the limestone/marl. The tubelike valley has a strong afternoon/evening cooling effect, à la the Combes of Burgundy. In ’15, it was entirely destemmed by hand, including the tiny “jacks”, or small pieces of stem that often remain inside the berry when picked. Its sensual appeal is undeniable, positively silky and deep in its darker red fruits and violet florals. The limestone component is certainly present as well, but not nearly as prominent as with the Saumagen. In its overall impression, it is clearly of Grand cru caliber, albeit of younger vine nature. This will be a fascinating project to follow, as I am certain that with age, this site will continue to produce singular fascination and pleasure. Again, if such a creature were from Burgundy, wine lovers would be flipping their top that such quality is offered at such a price. Man oh man, these kids are good…..


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