2015 Mosbacher Tonneau Divin 500ml

2015 Mosbacher Tonneau Divin 500ml


The “divine barrel”, named for the single french oak barrel that housed this juice from its fermentation through finishing, was sourced from the Hergottsacker (Mr God’s vineyard) Erste Lage. This has a terribly elegant profile, quite precise and seamlessly woven between its 10 g/L acidity and 100 g/L residual sugar. This is terribly classy, if not as show-stopping as its Ungeheuer stablemates, but that is some tough company to keep up with….that being said, I cannot imagine ANYONE that you could share this with who wouldn’t radiate with pleasure with just a dollop of this classy nectar. Again, the price point is crizozzy. Get some, and thank me later….


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