2015 Mosbacher Forster Ungeheuer GKA 375ml Riesling

2015 Mosbacher Forster Ungeheuer GKA 375ml Riesling


The fireworks show only continued with this grand finale nectar-of-the-gods, a baby beerenauslese here called an auslese goldkapsel. In magical, weightless fashion as only can be achieved by riesling in great sites and by a knowing hand, this elixir is fascinatingly complex in its interplay of fruit, spices, florals, and intense intense minerality. There were but 60 liters made, i.e. 160 half bottles, whose 140 g/L residual sugar are electrified by 11.8 g/L acidity, proving itself to be a jaw dropping dance for the senses that any wine loving soul should experience. Again, the value quotient here is off the charts to my taste/experience….get what you can justify, and enjoy a full human lifetime’s worth of glacial evolution, if you can keep your hands off, not that you should!! A little * star awarded here. Sweet God how beautiful!!!

” Representing a botrytis selection picked out along with the corresponding Spätlese and Grosses Gewächs harvests, this features decadently ripe Persian melon and muskmelon on a creamy, glycerol-rich palate, leading to a lusciously lingering, honey-glazed finish into which fresh lime and white peach inject unexpected freshness and primary juiciness. The upshot is an animating tingle and an irresistible desire to take the next sip. This Riesling’s sense of sweetness reflects uncanny balance and serves to perfectly support overripe and botrytized fruit character, suggesting not one gram too little nor too much residual sugar. (375 ml)” 93 points David Schildknecht


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