2015 Mosbacher Forster Musenhang trocken Riesling Erste Lage

2015 Mosbacher Forster Musenhang trocken Riesling Erste Lage


The Musenhang is from limestone soils at the very top of the hill in Forst, right up against the forest. I would say that the Mosbachers are somewhat reknowned for this bottling, as its cool, chiseled limestone punch and citrus fruit freshness offer an undeniably complex Forster experience at a pittance of a ticket price. This bottling is always picked later, and always has a smidge higher acidity than its Erste Lage stablemates. I would say that the ’16 has a gentler sense of attack (8.somethin’ g/L acidity, which ain’t low…) versus the ’15s electric sense of tension (10g/L acidity!), but I think that on a given day and with a given plate, I may prefer the 2016’s inviting sense of playfulness versus the raw power of the 2015. Again, this presents another mixed 6pk opportunity that will offer wonderful comparative tasting. A little * awarded here. 13% alc.

“This high-elevation parcel bordered by forest was picked at the end of the Mosbacher harvest, on October 1, and the site itself as well as the longer hang-time it prompted may explain the bittersweet floral effusion (iris, gentian) and bright fresh-fruit character (lime, white peach) of the aromatics as well as the primary juiciness and animation exhibited on a polished palate. This finishes with exhilarating lift, refreshment and transparency to floral and stony nuances. And I don’t doubt Mosbacher when she predicts even greater refinement with time. Incidentally, the wine boasts 10 grams of acidity, amazingly high for a 2015 from the Pfalz Mittelhaardt, and based on its performance you can bet that acid was almost entirely tartaric.” 92 points David Schildknecht


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