2015 Mosbacher Forster Buntsandstein trocken

2015 Mosbacher Forster Buntsandstein trocken


“This originates, as in 2014, with mid-slope Gerümpel fruit that in 2015 was no lower in must weight than that in a neighboring parcel which informed a wine labeled as Gerümpel. Scents and pure, clear, juicy fruit of apple and white peach take on a wonderfully saliva-inducing savor akin to raw scallop on a silken palate and in a mouthwatering finish that invigorates thanks to tangy fruit skin and piquant fruit pit. Residual sugar in the upper range for legal Trockenheit enhances the impression of generous fruitiness, while shaving a bit off of finished alcohol, thus promoting buoyancy.” 92 points David Schildknecht


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