2015 Mosbacher Basalt Forst trocken Riesling

2015 Mosbacher Basalt Forst trocken Riesling


This bottling has become a reference point example of Forster nobility for the budgeteer/value hound, sourced from portions of the Mosbacher’s massive 1.8 hectare holding in the Ungeheuer GG, as well as the recently replanted young vine Pechstein GG. This wine positively explodes with a spicy sense of volcanic minerality on the palate, whilst the interplay of its sense of peachy fruit and shaping 7.5g/L acidity proves wonderfully animated and mouthwatering. This is the most obviously baby “grand cru” in character of the three terroir ortsweine for its sense of completeness and intensity. Both vintages are plain terrific, clocking in at a wonderfully moderate 12.5% alcohol, the ’15 ever so slightly more concentrated/powerful, if not quite as playful as the ’16……a mixed 6pk/case here would be a terrific play in subtle contrast.

“This serves as the “second wine” for the Mosbacher Forst Grosse Gewächse and includes the fruit from their recently replanted Pechstein. A pungent nose of thyme, oregano, lime and white peach leads to an infectiously juicy, seductively satin-textured and expansive palate. A suggestion of starchy plantain adds a fascinating further textural as well as flavor dimension. The lusciously fruity finish positively glows, while mineral salts, herbs and peach serve for tang and saliva inducement. Can’t afford a Forst “First Growth” . . . or just want to keep your corkscrew away from those Grosse Gewächse for a bit longer? Step right up!” 92 points David Schildknecht for the 2014, NOT THE 2015/2016 OFFERED HERE


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