2015 Julien Nuits Saint Georges Aux Saint Juliens

2015 Julien Nuits Saint Georges Aux Saint Juliens


For the first time in 2014, he bottled the single Vosne side lieu-dit Aux Saint Juliens separately. It has a sense of pale red fruited delicacy and finesse that is quite a contrast from its southern counterpart. The cooling influence of the Combe de Nuits is part of what shapes its personality. I can very much see why he elected to bottle it separately. This is just a lovely bottle…..Fwiw, the lieu dit is the former site of a church named Saint Julien that was destroyed during the French revolution. This is the first of what promises to be many memorable bottlings from this site, as the sense of pale fruited delicacy and prettiness is not something that many folks expect from labels that read “Nuits Saint Georges”. Bravo Étienne! 11 barrels made, aka 275 cases. A little * awarded here.

Now in its second iteration, this wine is a knockout if pale, pretty, and pure red fruits are your thing. Once again continuing the overachieving villages level theme, this is a stunning bottle, pure finesse….a little * awarded here.

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