2015 Furst Burgstadter Berg Erste Lage Spatburgunder MAGNUM

2015 Furst Burgstadter Berg Erste Lage Spatburgunder MAGNUM


Extra, extra! Read all about it!!! This was a wow wow wow exciting introduction: for the first time, the F├╝rsts were approved to create a 1er cru, aka Erste Lage, from their home village of Burgstadt in the variably steep Centgrafenberg. It contains fruit from their grandest Grand cru parcel, the sweet spot within the Centgrafenberg called the Hundsruck, as well as a selection of mostly upper slope parcels from the “regular” Centgrafenberg. From the first whiff, my eyes got REAL BIG, as the layered sense of class and complexity was plain stunning, continuing the “overperforming” character of the Centgrafenberg in 2015. Small forest red fruit aromatics of noteworthy purity and precision lead to a palate impression of pure silk, with a sense of filigree finesse and complexity that I usually associate with the Schlossberg GG…..its sense of being perfectly harmonized and precisely poised is simply incredible, not to mention the value quotient offered that truly does express the “special something” that is at the heart of the house touch. As this is the first vintage for the wine, they have priced it very favorably, hoping to have a wine in the range that is more approachable pricewise than the GGs, while still presenting the nobility of their finest. I absolutely flipped for this one, and cannot encourage you heartily enough to get a 6pk/case of this one, another “Rob-insists-on-bringing-this-in-even-though-Rudi-wasn’t-planning-to” Down to Earth national exclusive……I’ve even lined up some magnums, as the quality is plain tremendous!!! A little * awarded here. DON’T MISS THIS!!!


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