2015 Agathe Bursin Zinnkoepfle Riesling Vendanges Tardives Grand cru

2015 Agathe Bursin Zinnkoepfle Riesling Vendanges Tardives Grand cru


Of the four 2015 Vendanges Tardives that I tasted, this one clearly took the cake for me. It is the result of botrytis free fruit that concentrated moreso from passerillage (shriveling of the berries), harvested in early November. The weather was so dry for so long that no botrytis set in, resulting in an uncommonly pure style of Riesling Vendanges Tardives allied to the incomparable Grand cru calcaire character of the Zinnkoepflé. Aromatically, this awesome purity is quite evident, with an intense sense of calcaire minerality at its core to compliment its ripe tropical fruit tones. In the mouth, its intensity of pure fruit is nectar-of-the-gods charming, with a positively weightless sense of lift from both its high acidity and high levels of limestone dry extract, its finish sailing on, salty/mineral and resoundingly luscious. Plain smokin’ good Vendanges Tardives that will be a delight to enjoy at all ages, likely outliving most of us…..again, Bravo Agathe!!! A little * awarded here. That Riesling wines as singularly and inimitably beautiful as this can be had for such a fair tariff is yet another testament to the commercial underappreciation of such Alsatian nectars, as they can seemingly only be rendered in such compelling fashion here, even if producers often struggle to find a market for them. Thank goodness that Agathe and her fellow quality minded producers still do, as this truly is some nectar of the gods!! Technical stats: 65.7 g/L RS, 12.03% alc, 8.09 g/L acidity.

Fwiw,I think this wine is even better than Ian’s note would imply….

“Golden-tinged straw. The deep, rich nose boasts captivating aromas of honey, crystallized ginger and mango. Then light and refined and not at all weighty on the palate, offering precise flavors of tropical fruits and sweet spices. No noble rot hit these grapes, but there was plenty of passerillage (8.1 g/L total acidity and 65 g/L total acidity). Lovely VT.”92 Ian D’Agata

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