2013 Dominique Belluard Gringet le Feu

2013 Dominique Belluard Gringet le Feu


Here is David Schildknecht”s review of the 2010:

“Issuing from his steepest holdings, which are dominated by red clay glacial sediment, Belluard’s 2010 Le Feu offers a level of richness (albeit still at 12.5% alcohol) that goes well beyond that of the corresponding Les Alpes. White peach and fresh figs are ripely signaled in the nose and lusciously present on a lushly-textured palate. But here too, there are fascinating notes of lentil sprouts, toasted peanuts, bittersweet iris perfume, and myriad stony, smoky and crystalline mineral incursions that set up a delightfully dynamic interchange with fruits, flowers, and legumes in a long, shimmering finish. There is a remarkable sense of transparency, buoyancy, and energy here for a wine that tastes so ripe. I feel confident that it will remain exciting for at least 6-8 years. ” 93 points

This is quite simply an amazing wine, from iron rich stony soils.  It is truly like no other…..check it out!

January ’15 arrival

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