2012 Wagner Stempel Siefersheimer Hollberg Grosses Gewachs

2012 Wagner Stempel Siefersheimer Hollberg Grosses Gewachs


Wagner Stempel’s other grand cru dry wine, this too is majestic in 2011.  YUMMO!

Here is David Schildknecht’s review:

“The Wagner-Stempel 2011 Siefersheimer Hollberg Riesling Grosses Gewachs is based largely on the oldest vines in that site, and is, interestingly, the driest-ever rendition of this bottling, at a mere three grams residual sugar (but still at only 13.3% alcohol). One could certainly argue that extreme dryness has emphasized the mineral aspects of this wine’s flavors, if by “mineral” one thinks of an overtly stony character that also emphasizes the wine’s overall austerity. But the dynamic, interactive and alluring senses of “mineral” so vividly displayed in the corresponding Porphyr bottling are here nowhere in evidence. Against the aforementioned background of stoniness, ripe winter pear and persimmon, lime and grapefruit stand out with pungency a piquancy borne of pips, pits, and rinds. Yet for all of the chewy phenolics and hints of bitterness here, I perceive simultaneously a silken textural background to this well-stuffed Riesling in which both fruit and stone cling with impressive persistence. I would expect it to be worth following for the better part of a decade.” 91points

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