2010 Mata I Coloma Cuvée Barcelona Brut

2010 Mata I Coloma Cuvée Barcelona Brut


2010 vintage base year, 45% Macabeu, 40% Xarello, 15% Parellada, with 20% reserve wines aged in barrel, between 5-6g residual sugar. This is the exact same wine as the Reserva Familia, but with a wee smidgen of dosage. It too is just plain delicious and wowie zowie complex, with a bit more fruit and masterful finesse, if not the same sense of bracing mineral cut as the Reserva Familia. Again, like so many of the wines in the range, there is undeniable class and substance, with the stylistic nuance being much more of a personal preference than anything else. Maybe this one will please the broadest audience, with the Reserva Familia favored by “purists” and rockheads like me? Incidentally, this one has a special label that is a beautiful artists rendition of the mountains that frame Barcelona. Get a 6pk-case, and thank me later.

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