Savoie and Switzerland

  • From the "Coeur" or heart of the VV parcel, this chiseled and exceptionally focused wine brings to mind terribly noble Sancerre; in fact, this wine was chosen as the second best wine in a blind tasting of Sancerre staged by members of the French wine press, with this wine in the mix as a 'ringer'.  A wine of obvious nobility. In stock.
  • Here is David Schildknecht's review of the 2010: "Bearing the oversized but understated, vaguely antique pale green label that it has for years and originating in the same parcel as his V.V. du Sciecle cuvee, Masson’s 2010 Apremont Collection displays a greenhouse like aromatic display of leaves and flowers, with a dynamic palate interchange between multiple mineral nuances (alkaline, stony, fusil, somehow crystalline and seemingly shimmering) and bright citricity. The flavors here – for now at least – shade toward the cool, subtle, almost aloof; at the same time, I experienced the highest-acid impression among Masson’s cuvees of this vintage. There is an uncanny alliance here of palpable extract with levity not to mention refreshment, and if the scents and flavors are for now a bit less diverse and alluring than in a couple of siblings, this long-lined, vibrantly and penetratingly persistent Apremont should be worth following for 4-6 years. " 91 points In stock.
  • From Masson's oldest vines, this is the newly renamed cuvee that replaces the formerly dubbed "Vieilles Vignes du Siecle".  A global exclusive of DTE it seems?  Incredibly implosive mineral depth, this is a mineral water of the gods. In stock. Here is David Schildknecht''s review of the 2010: "From old vines that his grandfather planted right into almost bare rock, and as usual bottled only on the cusp of the subsequent harvest, Masson’s 2010 Apremont Vieilles Vignes du Sciecle (as he refers to it in conversation and on his price list, even though “du Sciecle” never appears on its oversized, pale green label) is the cuvee most worth following in bottle and I don’t doubt that in this case that means for the better part of a decade. Bittersweet floral scents mingle with intimations of wet stone, maritime salinity and alkalinity, as well as hints of iodine. The inner-mouth performance is every bit as hauntingly floral and intriguingly, diversely mineral as the nose had let me to hope, and there is a vibrant, tingling, shimmering sense of interaction among floral, mineral and juicily fruity elements (white peach, pear, and lime) in the wine’s memorably long finish. Even more so than the corresponding Collection cuvee, this exceptional value manifests a slight sense of austerity when compared directly with its siblings; but here is “exhibit A” in the case for truly profound (yet for all that no less exhilarating or ultimately refreshing) Jacquere. " 92 points In stock.