Let’s toast it up at Domaine Hudson !!!

Let’s toast it up at Domaine Hudson !!!

No, we won’t be drinking out of plastic buckets at the grocery store.  This tasting format is pretty revolutionary……It has often occurred to me whilst tasting with great wine growers the world over: “Man, if only people could get a chance to taste these wines….they would flip!”  I’m a firm believer that fine wine’s beauty is for everyone to sense and feel;  it is a pleasure principle driven act, that is not reserved uniquely for the initiated and cognoscenti.  The main barrier to this concrete reality is that, far too often, people just don’t get an opportunity to taste many of the rarer, obscure, or more costly wines of the world.  However, with a collective effort of discovery, we can all get a chance to know for ourselves what these wines are all about.  I’ve created a tasting format that I believe can dramatically change how we can approach the greatest wines of the world, removing them from their ivory tower or press driven label fawning, and putting them back on the table with friends and family where they belong.

I approached Dr Mike Ross, the new owner of Domaine Hudson with my idea: intimate and informative tastings for 10-12 people, in our own private space, virtually at wholesale cost.  We will present the wines in flights totaling six selections, and we divide the cost for the bottles equally.  To accompany, we can choose freely from their entire seasonally inspired menu, as much or as little as you would like.  The twinkle in his eye and his smile said it all: let us toast to Bacchus!

10th, 11th, 12th, 16th, 18th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd.

To reserve a place at the table, a commitment for the cost of the wine flight ($15-25) is required.

Here are a few examples of what is possible:

Suggested themes:

Jadot 09s:  $26 per person

Avaux 1er

Couchereaux 1er

Chouacheux 1er

Boucherottes 1er

Ursules 1er

Pougets Grand Cru


$39 and under per bottle 09 Burgundy survey: $15 per person

Clos Salomon Givry 1er

Faiveley Clos du Roy Mercurey 1er

Jadot Avaux 1er

Rossignol L’Heritiere

Arnoux Pinot Fin

Pavelot Savigny Villages


Arnoux 09s: $25 per person

Bourgogne Pinot Fin

Vosne Villages

Chambolle Villages

Nuits Poisets

Nuits 1er Clos des Corvees Pagets

Vosne 1er Chaumes


Northern Rhone 09s: $15 per person

Durand St Joseph ‘En Coteaux’

Darnaud Crozes Hermitage ‘Trois Chenes’

Durand Cornas Premices

Durand Cornas Empreintes

Durand St Joseph Lautaret

Durand Cornas Confidence


Rossignol 09s: $23 per person

Bourgogne rouge

Bourgogne rouge L’Heritiere

Beaune 1er Reversees

Volnay villages

Volnay 1er Ronceret

Volnay 1er Cailleret



Lamy 09s: $27 per person

Puligny villages Tremblots Vieilles Vignes

St Aubin 1er Derriere Chez Edouard blanc

St Aubin 1er Derriere Chez Edouard Rouge

St Aubin 1er Frionnes

St Aubin 1er En Remilly

St Aubin 1er Derriere Chez Edouard blanc Cuvee Haute Densite


Elio Altare of Barolo: $22 per person

Dolcetto 2010

Barbera 2010

Barolo DOCG 2007

Barolo DOCG 2004

Langhe Arborina 2007

Langhe Arborina 2008


Lignier Michelot 09s: $38 per person

Morey St Denis villages Vieilles Vignes

Gevrey Chambertin ‘Cuvee Bertin’

Morey St Denis 1er Charmes

Morey St Denis 1er Chenevery

Morey St Denis 1er Faconnieres

Clos de la Roche Grand Cru


JM Pavelot 09s: $19 per person

Savigny les Beaune villages

Savigny les Beaune 1er Serpentieres

Savigny les Beaune 1er Narbantons

Savigny les Beaune 1er Guettes

Savigny les Beaune 1er Dominode

Pernand Vergelesses 1er Vergelesses


Survey of Savigny les Beaune’s finest: $25 per person

Simon Bize 1er aux Vergelesses blanc

Simon Bize 1er aux Verglelesses rouge

Simon Bize 1er Guettes

Pavelot 1er Narbantons

Pavelot 1er Guettes

Pavelot 1er Dominode


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